Choosing The Best Advisor for Your Medicare Supplement Insurance Needs By Allen Heffler

Our Mission:

To educate consumers about Medicare and Medicare options in a clear, concise & honest way that allows those consumers to make informed decisions.

Who We Are:

Allen Heffler is an independent insurance broker and agent, helping seniors for 30 years.   A short phone call to Allen Heffler and his team can relieve your Medicare insurance anxiety.  We promise to deliver qualified, competent, courteous and sound advice and service. We are contracted with most of the largest, most respected insurance carriers.

The Problem:

Medicare is a complex and confusing. The experience of selecting and maintaining a Medicare plan on your own can daunting.  Without a knowledgeable and trusted guide by your side, it’s easy to get lost in the current Medicare marketplace.

The Solution:

We help you navigate the complexities of the Medicare transition process every step of the way with education, personalized advice and expert recommendations.  By working with us, you will save time, money, and insure that you are getting the right plan for your situation. This is a rare situation for you, the consumer-  you get all the benefits of an a trusted and experienced advisor, without any additional costs.

Here is Our Promise-Our Guarantee:

1. Objectivity & Unbiased

Allen Heffler and his staff are independent Medicare specialists.  Since we are licensed with the well-established and nationally known insurance companies, we are unbiased and provide you with the benefit of objectivity.  We work for you, and are NOT employed or beholden to any insurance company, This allows us to work honestly for our clients by comparing numerous plans and assist you selecting the plan that is right for you at the lowest cost possible.

2. Expertise

For 30 years, broker and agent Allen Heffler has helpe thousands of people with their Medicare plans. We are the trusted and endorsed providers for the Medicare Plans by such groups as the School District of Philadelphia, The Veterans of Foreign Wars- Pennsylvania (VFW-PA), and Over the years, we  have refined our educational process into a unique and rigorous 6-Step Medicare Process.  Each step is a natural succession from the step before, thereby providing you a simple and understandable progression of understanding all the ins and outs of Medicare. The end result of the 6 step process- your complete understanding of your Medicare options to insure that you getting into just the right Medicare Plan at the lowest possible cost available.

3. Personal Support

You, the customer, are the sole reason that we are in business. We strive to always provide exceptional service, the top Medicare insurance companies, at the lowest premiums. Just give Allen Heffler a call at 215-658-1776. We offer the personalized service that you expect from a neighborhood business.  If you live in the Greater Philadelphia area (Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware,  Bucks, Chestee counties, South Jersey), we are happy to make home visits.  Otherwise, we promise to explain your Medicare options thoroughly over the phone or email.  We hope to earn your trust and become your trusted Medicare Advisor.

4. Cost

There is NO CHARGE or COST to you for our services! Whether you apply to an insurance company directly or if you allow us to educate, guide and assist you and should you apply through us, your premium will be EXACTLY the same .

5. Convenience

Rather than individually calling dozens of  insurance companies – where you will often endlessly sit on hold only to tell your story multiple times to multiple people, and still have to hope you are doing it right – you can instead dial one number. By calling us, we will provide you with comprehensive services for all your Medicare needs. We will answer your questions honestly, in a straightforward manner.  Your new/renewal application is likely to process more quickly when submitted by an experienced agent. Try to do it yourself or utilize an experienced, trusted, unbiased professional. At NO COST TO YOU. If you live in the Greater Philadelphia area  Allen is happy to make home visits. Otherwise, we will explain your medicare options in detail over phone, e-mail, or priority mail. And still provide you will unparelled service.

6. Policy Maintenance & Annual Reviews Custom Care Alerts

You don’t just choose a plan and then never hear from us again.  Should any problems arise, we are a phone call away. At renewal time, we provide each client with an annual review. We will compare the price and benefit terms offered by your current policy with those offered by other insurance companies. It’s important to have a trusted advisor looking out for your best interests. Custom Care Alerts provide you with unparalleled peace of mind and the knowledge that you have an experienced, professional guide by your side for many years to come We hope to have the privilege to earn your trust and become your advisor.

Your Next Step:

1. Call 215-658-1776 for a free Medicare consultation to see which plan may be best suited for your needs.


2. Fill out our free, no-obligation Medicare Quote form on the right.

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