Medicare Plan B is similar to Plan A.  Medicare Plan B is standardized by CMS/Medicare.  One company’s Plan B is identical to another company’s Plan B.  There is absolutely no difference in coverage or benefits between companies.   Price, service, length of time a Medicare Supplement carrier has been offering plans, and ratings, will vary by company.  Research is required to find the best Medicare Supplement carrier for you.

Both Plan A and Plan B are very similar.  With Medicare Plan A, you will be responsible for paying both your Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles. With Medicare  Plan B, you will be responsible for paying your Part B deductible only.

Medicare Supplement Plan B does not cover several of the benefits that more comprehensive plans cover. Some of the benefits that aren’t covered are the Medicare Part B deductible, Skilled Nursing Coinsurance, and Foreign Travel Emergency Care. Plan B does not cover any Part B.  Medicare Plan B does not cover any excess charges under Part B.  This means if a doctor charges more than the Medicare approved amount, you may be responsible for paying for some of those charges yourself.  The doctor can charge you up to 15% of the amount not covered by Medicare.  While some plans cover this, Plan B does not.

It can be very difficult deciding which Plan is the right plan for you.  Allen Heffler is a Medicare Specialist with over 25 years experience assisting thousands of seniors.  Allen will walk you through each plan, so that you will have a thorough understanding of each plan, and afterwards you will have a clear direction as to how to proceed.  Allen will you assist you in determining the best plan for your needs and budget and will thoroughly shop around to find the best price